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If you’ve ever hopped into the shower expecting steamy relief, only to be blasted with icy sheets of water that have you questioning everything that’s happened in your life, you know the pain of water heater problems. And since then, you’ve probably stayed on top of maintenance and repairs to avoid another arctic experience.

At Andersen, we’re the ones to call when your water heater needs the care of any kind – from minor tweaks to replacement installations, we’ll have your home comfortable again in no time.

Water heater maintenance

Why Use Andersen for Heater Repair?

A problem with your system doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to toss it and have a brand-new water heater brought in. We’ll thoroughly inspect the heater to determine the source of the issue and offer you solution options that fit within your timeline and needs.

When it comes to expensive appliances, we invest in them, so they’ll last as long as possible. Naturally, you’re not going to want to pump a bunch of money back into that investment. So, if you’re facing the decision of whether to repair or replace, here are factors to consider:

  • The age of your water heater
  • Your heating bills are increasing without using more water
  • You keep needing to schedule repair services

A simple rule of thumb is to consider whether the repair cost is more or less than 50% of what you’d pay for a new installation.

Are Water Heater Repairs Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

As much as we wish there was a straightforward answer to this one, there isn’t. Homeowners’ insurance policies may cover portions of your cost but not everything.

While general wear and tear of the unit through years of use typically won’t fall into a protection category for you, some policies offer coverage for water damage caused by the water heater breaking down, such as your furniture and flooring.

Be sure to carefully read your insurance policy to understand coverage.


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guys at Andersen did an amazing job on my home plumbing repairs! They were professional, quick, and the job turned out great. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for plumbing repairs.

James Stevens

If you’re looking for a good plumbing company, I would recommend this one. They did a great job on my office's plumbing project and I was really happy with the results. The process was quick and easy, and the results were great. I would definitely use this service again.

Lara White

Amazing work from the Andersen team They fully understood what we wanted to achieve and were able to bring our plumbing project to life in such a short time.

Randy Mathews