Canlan Sports Libertyville

Canlan Sports Libertyville is a state-of-the-art sports facility located in Libertyville, Illinois. This premier sports complex features a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including hockey rinks, soccer fields, and volleyball courts.

The hockey rinks are a particular highlight of Canlan Sports Libertyville. They feature NHL-sized ice rinks, which are open year-round for hockey games, figure skating, and public skating sessions. The facility also offers hockey leagues and camps for players of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

In addition to the hockey rinks, Canlan Sports Libertyville has several indoor soccer fields that can be used for soccer games, as well as other sports like lacrosse and flag football. The facility also has outdoor soccer fields that are perfect for outdoor sports events during the warmer months.

Canlan Sports Libertyville also offers volleyball courts that are available for both indoor and outdoor play. The indoor volleyball courts are ideal for year-round volleyball games and tournaments, while the outdoor volleyball courts are perfect for summertime fun.

The facility has a range of amenities for visitors, including a pro shop, a restaurant and bar, and meeting rooms for events and parties. The pro shop offers a wide range of hockey and sports equipment, while the restaurant and bar offer a place to relax and refuel after a game or practice.

Overall, Canlan Sports Libertyville is a top-notch sports facility that offers a range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities and amenities for athletes and sports enthusiasts in Libertyville and the surrounding areas. With its focus on providing high-quality sports experiences and its commitment to customer service, Canlan Sports Libertyville is a great place for anyone looking to stay active and have fun.