Antioch Theatre

Antioch Theatre is a historic movie theater located in Antioch, Illinois. The theater was originally built in 1941 and has been a beloved local landmark ever since. Today, the theater is owned and operated by Classic Cinemas, a family-owned theater company that specializes in preserving historic theaters while offering modern amenities and a wide range of films.

The Antioch Theatre has two screens that show the latest Hollywood blockbusters, as well as independent and foreign films. The theater is equipped with state-of-the-art digital projection and sound systems to provide an immersive movie-going experience. In addition, the theater offers comfortable seating, including luxury recliners in one of the screening rooms.

One of the unique features of the Antioch Theatre is its classic art deco architecture, which has been preserved and restored over the years. The theater also features a marquee and neon lights that add to its charm and make it a standout in the community.

Aside from movies, the Antioch Theatre also hosts special events throughout the year. These events include classic film screenings, special movie-themed parties, and live performances. The theater can also be rented out for private events, such as birthday parties or corporate functions.

The staff at Antioch Theatre are known for their friendly and welcoming attitudes, making it a great place for families, couples, and individuals to enjoy a night out. The theater is also conveniently located in downtown Antioch, within walking distance of a variety of restaurants and shops.

Overall, Antioch Theatre is a beloved and historic movie theater that offers a unique movie-going experience in Antioch, Illinois. With its classic architecture, modern amenities, and friendly staff, it is a must-visit destination for movie lovers of all ages.